Thursday, December 03, 2009

No real title, maybe I will think of one later

Work life is keeping me pretty busy so I haven't had much time in front of a canvas this week, only time enough to finish the butternut squash painting. started one a few days ago but my cat decided to have a nap on it half way through. hmm maybe he is telling my something.

While I set up for the next piece I will post a few of my earlier paintings as time allows.

I am posting my first painting I did a year ago, which started my passion for painting once again, after 15 years of working in front of a CRT monitor I had to do something else,

My lovely wife were returning home just after holloween and I saw the pumpkin we had bought for Halloween on the front porch, and something switched on. I needed to paint, I dug out all the old paint supplies and took out a fresh sheet of watercolor paper that my wife had bought for me, a year earlier, in the hopes that I would need to paint again, and so it started.....I spent the next few day locked in my workspace with the still- life set up. I painted until it was done. The passion was back and it is slowly taking over all aspects of my life.

The artwork is a full sheet at 30 x 22 and although it is a pretty tight painting, still looks pretty good to me.


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