Monday, December 07, 2009

Hidden doorway

Happy Monday!

I set up a still life on Saturday nut have yet been able to find time to sit down and paint, I am afraid that by the time I do the subject will expire, oh well life and death I suppose, about to head out as I am still staining a staircase for the next few days. So while I spend my time at work he is another blast from the past.

This painting I call "Hidden Doorway" created about 6 months ago.

16 x 20 acrylic painting.

While my wife and I where in Hungary a few years back we stayed with her family and they had this gate in the back with a pretty run down shed, which I also painted. The Gate actually blocked the view a of a great garden and objects scattered around the place.

The gate itself was really corroded and covered with some great purples and oranges as well as twisted metal holding the gate closed, the old wooden post was filled with deep cracks and holes, this whole subject was just begging to be captured.

Have a great day and enjoy.

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